Belgium's BBF in partnership with the TAS Alliance

The TAS Alliance expands reach by 1,500 apartments across the Belgian capital

London, June 2015

The TAS Alliance, the global network of independently owned and operated serviced apartments, launched by The Apartment Service in February 2014, is pleased to welcome its latest international partner, BBF from Belgium.
BBF, founded in 1992 and offering 1500 corporate apartments throughout the Belgian capital, with a growing portfolio in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding portfolio of The TAS Alliance, which is increasing both in members and partners globally.

Jo Layton, MD – Group Commercial Sales at The Apartment Service. says:

“Brussels is an important European business hub for our clients and following the acquisition of a number of large corporate accounts in recent months by The Apartment Service, we have seen high increased demand for the city – we are delighted to be working alongside BBF in this location”.

BBF Marketing Manager Bernard Kerkhof says:

“Affiliation with the TAS Alliance will accentuate BBF's brand visibility across a global client base, and facilitate international collaboration with new sector partners, which will result in a more comprehensive choice of locations and products for our clients. Additionally – the TAS Alliance is much more than a booking portal - its function as a forum for industry discourse at seminars and trade events will be beneficial in promoting BBF's brand engagement, providing opportunities for potential customers to meet members of the BBF team in person”.

Shabina Awan, Director of Alliances and Partnerships for The Apartment Service adds

"we welcome BBF to the TAS Alliance family and look forward to working with them over the coming years to enhance the TAS Alliance offering in this key location, and to also help service the current demands of clients of BBF internationally."

For more information about The TAS Alliance, please visit or contact Kevin King – TAS Alliance Director,

The TAS Alliance, launched in February 2014, brings together the best independently-owned and operated serviced apartments into a global network under a single representation, distribution, sales and marketing solution all powered by a common technology platform. The TAS Alliance provides a 100% solution for buyers looking to build, add to, enhance or develop their serviced apartment programmes.

For further information on the partnership with BBF Serviced Apartments, please contact Jo Layton, MD Group Commercial Sales via email or call +44 (0)20 8944 1444, or visit

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Today there is a unified approach to serviced apartments. The TAS Alliance brings together the best independently-owned and operated serviced apartments in a global network. Operators that have joined The TAS Alliance work co-operatively to generate creative and sustainable solutions, operating under a single brand, distribution, sales/marketing umbrella - all powered by a common technology platform. As a member of The TAS Alliance, we do not ask for the member to lose their identity, local flavour, brand promises or style, we simply ask members to meet the global requirements of business travellers including cleanliness, friendliness, EIWO. The TAS Alliance is a 100% solution for buyers looking to build, expand or enhance their serviced apartment programmes. Launched in 2014, the TAS Alliance gives corporate buyers access to a fully-connected supply chain to meet their serviced apartment and corporate housing needs globally. For more information visit
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Jo Layton
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